Bekijk hier wat anderen zeggen over 3*C (3 times C)  & Cor-Jan

Jacco Heemskerk

Head of Investment

I have come to know Cor-Jan as a loyal wing-man and in later years as a great commander. CJ earned my trust through his character and competence. He is caring, open and fair in his dealings. He has a wealth of experience, first as auditor and later as leader of local and international consultation bodies. Cor-Jan is reputed for his results. Cor-Jan bundles two unique features, being humility and firmness. This makes him extremely impactful, especially in difficult conversations


Connie Beentjes

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

I worked with Cor-Jan from 2010/2011 till the closure of RBS NL per the end of 2017. He was the (Vice)Chair of the Works council when I was Head of Operations & Client Services and, from 2015 onwards, COO of RBS NL. We went through many reorganizations and Cor-Jan has shown that he can significantly transform a works council (in NL as well as in Europe). He knows how to influence behaviour, to build a highly effective team and focus on the benefits for both employee and employer.


Tijs Wolffenbuttel

Chief Audit Executive

In this position Cor-Jan was able to significantly add value to new projects and developments within ABN AMRO, especially on risk management improvements. Using his large network within ABN AMRO he managed to have a broad overview on the newly developed activities.


Rolf Emmens

Master Data Management Architect

Cor-Jan is a highly intelligent and motivating co-worker who is perfectly able to set up and coordinate complex cross-departmental projects. His energy level is an excellent advantage in getting things done.

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